About Regenerative Living

Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, we are a team comprised of mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters responsible for care of our families – we understand firsthand the struggle of being a caregiver. In our chosen profession of in-home care at Regenerative Living, we see and experience daily the rigors of working all day and coming home to more work. We get it! We are all right there with you and we are here for YOU.

When our company began in 2013, we wanted a name that would represent two ideals:

Regenerative Care” and “Regenerative Time

What is Regenerative Care?

Regenerative Care, Hawaii’s in-home care agency, lives up to our name with the in-home care services that we offer for elders. We believe that quality care goes beyond simply helping your loved ones get out of bed or prepare a meal. While we do provide a variety of physical assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), we are also a home care agency that provides stimulation of the mind, social interaction, the “Regenerative” properties of laughter, smiles, happiness and the ability to LIVE well!

What is Regenerative Time?

“Regenerative Time” allows you, the caregiver, the peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving proper home care services while you take care of yourself. Whether you need 24/7 support, a daily permanent schedule with our skilled nursing staff and caregivers or occasional shifts to cover days when you just need some “me” time, we are here to help! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions.